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Delta V Amtrak


For the first time since I was 3, I will be traveling to Florida in….Drum roll please….A plane!

[APPLAUSE] It may not be that big a deal for you but I have this issue with planes and germs and the stickyness of life. So im definately a little grossed out given it was not my first choice. Speaking of, have you ever seen the filters from a plane? Ill show you later.

Let me just lay out the options here:


Delta Airlines:

To Travel from Hattiesburg, MS in any way other than car, one must travel to some far off state. I have to travel to ATL, Georgia for a 1 hour lay over. Which in its self scares the living daylights out of me for the simple fact that I will be traveling alone. But for the great low price $115.60, I will chance it. I get an e-ticket, free carry-on fee, and (I’ve given the option) a low calorie meal on the plane. But my seat is not set in stone so i could be sitting between too crazy people with the flu or the clap. on the bright side, I will leave Gulfport at around 6:30pm and , God willing, arrive in Tampa by midnight. So that is just around 7-8 hours of traveling, which is 2-3 hours shorter than traveling by car.



Beautiful right? Well the beauty is over shadowed by the 51 hours it will take for me to travel from Hattiesburg to Tampa by way of Washington D.C. Yes, there are more than likely guarenteed food options for an extra fee on top of the whopping $365 price tag of the ticket. Given it is probably a lot of fun and a lot less stressful but way out of a poor college student’s price tag. 

Moral of the story? As much as i hate flying, at this moment it is a lot cheaper than staying on the ground. I saved ~$240. 




This site is completely new to me but I am dead determined to figure out how to use it. My brain may be a little fried from all the school work.

If you didnt know already, my name is Jackie. I am getting my Bachelor’s degree in Entertainment Industry Management. What i hope to do is be either a management or get a job as a publicist. Either way, as long as I am dealing with music, I am completely content. I just like to be busy.

I joined this site for three different reasons. My number 1 reason is because of an article i read for class that spoke about how we are all so tied into the media and how it is impossible for us to not be connected to some sort of social medium. They introduced me to a website called Klout. Klout tracks your influence online by connecting all your social networking sites to it and they give you a number between 1-100. The score can go up or down depending on how involved you are. I became obsessed with getting a higher score than my 14, which is average. Right now im at 45 but i want to get to at least 70.

My second reason is that I love to talk about music but I have an incredibly short attention span. Im hoping this works out and if i get followers, i will more than likely stick with it.

My last reason is that I am hoping, with a gain in popularity, I can somehow use this blog for my Senior capstone project. I hate senior project with a passion because i have these big dreams and ideas but my plans always seem to fall through. A girl this semester created a magazine so I am creating a blog. I have 6-7 months to make this blog popular enough to be eligible for my senior project. Hope you will take that ride with me!

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