Monthly Archives: March 2012

Bubbles & Boys


I thought I would give some advice to women, especially those in college. I know sex is a big happening and such but what happens when someone harasses you? What about when you are getting harassed by a guy and your friends let it happen, like they don’t want to get involved. I know I have ran this around in my head a million times but I want to tell what really happens in these situations. When a guy catches you off guard, you don’t really know how to handle it. You run through your mind what you want to do in these types of situations but it can still catch you off guard. I let it happen because I was so worried that my friends wouldn’t have fun on the trip because it rained the whole time. I was stressed and worried and this guy who went with us preyed on my weakness. I ignored and prayed for a miracle as he patted my ass, asked and tried to grab my breasts, then tried to cuddle with me. I was out of my comfort zone but no one said anything. Wasn’t until i got home that I realized my friends knew about it. They let it happen and didnt stand up for me like I do for them every time they need me. They turned their backs on me. Their way of fixing things was to not talk to him anymore hoping that would be enough to keep me as a friend but it wasn’t. I told them that i was miserable the whole time trying to make sure they had a good time and they sat around and watched as a guy made me feel like a sex toy. I stopped hanging out with them and talking to them. I felt dirty and hurt for months. I still think about it especially when friends of theirs tell me i was overreacting and it wasnt a big deal. Was it really not big deal? so when a random women gets raped on the road and she calls the police, was she just overreacting about pressing charges? If a kid gets picked on at school every day for being gay, made to feel like he was nothing, was he overreacting when he told someone and killed himself just to stop the pain? I dont think so. I believe i stood up for myself and my body. I don’t ever have to be friends with those girls because if someone treats you like that, you don’t need enemies.