Monthly Archives: April 2012

Paradise Manifesto


You turn my paradise into a manifesto of pain
im so confused, its hard to explain
the restless dreaming of the way
I watch your hand shiver so tempted
to go astray in a wicked way.
searching for gold in my jungle
running like we have no plans into the sea of reckless dreams
I don’t find you at my side but falling down, shore-bound

Chasing a silver line like I’ll buy it all back
silver buys me nothing, more wasted dreams
 no minutes like I have the power to change time
im much more honest to you, so don’t lie
when I say what I mean, its cause I need you to know
why we going so, its like going

Creeping up my throat like a convulsion
changing my emotion at every moment
held in contempt by my thoughts,
fears of how you see me, can you believe me that im trying?
Knowing im not to care but I cant help the words floating like air
they whisper like vultures on my dying day,
my death bed is my final rest from thoughts of you

Am I putting you off?
pulling the break, stealing your thoughts
breaking free, of the chain, I mean.
Am I the one, not wanting
to know, what you want, what way?
because im afraid of what you’ll say.