Monthly Archives: May 2012

Girl Crush



This happens to be Lily Allen. She just happens to be incredible. I have started listening to her music for the first time  this Spring semester. The first song i heard of hers was The Fear which the first song released off her last album, It’s not me, it’s you. I liked the song but wasnt interested in listening to the album. Then T-Pain released a song incorporating part of her song Who’d Have Known into his song 5 O’clock in the morning from his new album. I immediately loved the song and started drowning myself in her awesomeness. I love the quirky lyrics and the cute sound of voice. I wouldnt call it a girl crush, but i am definitely digging her style. She is not afraid to sing about how annoying men are and the frustrations she has. I personally love the comedy in her song Not Fair about a guy who is a great guy but when they go to bed, she cant stand the faces she makes during sex and they way he comes before she does. In fact, he cant even make her come, which i have found to be a common occurance in our culture. 
        My favorite song off the album is a tie between Who’d Have Known and Chinese. I love the story of Who’d Have Known because it reminds me of a relationship i want. I want someone to date me like that and not leaving me worrying about whether im doing something or if he will call or not. I love Chinese because i am jealous of the way her  lyrical story pans out. I miss having someone to sit with and just watch tv and not be too stressed about how i look all the time. I want to walk around town and do errands just to spend time with my bf. I guess i am a bit of a helpless romantic. I call myself helpless because hopeless seems desperate. Helpless makes it seem like there is hope for help.