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short term?


Is it possible to be happy in a short term relationship?

I am not quite sure what it is but sometimes you just want to feel loved. Maybe that’s the reason people stay in incredibly dull and boring relationships. Everyone just wants to feel loved.

I dont feel like its a problem at all. Society has told me since the beginning of forever that men always want nothing but sex and women are suppose to be planning for their futures weddings. Maybe thats why there are so many single unhappy, envious women these days.

I love to be single because i can talk to as many people as I want to without some guy tugging on me for attention. But yes, I do get lonely. And because of this, I can get a bit desperate. Actually, when tend to get desperate when they are lonely. (men do too, actually). Just because 1 guys likes you, doesnt make him God. Every season, there is a rush of guys who want to end the season going after the girls they really want. I completely understand that because you may not see that person next season, so why not take the chance? Most of the time, both people get hurt when they find out the other has liked them since the beginning of forever. Things end sour….

On the other hand, you could take a chance on someone amazing in the same situation, but because you focus on the now and not the future, it creates a stress-free worry-less environment which is ideal. I have been hurt in a short-term relationship thing before and it sucks ass. but sometimes you can find someone who makes it all not painful, and quite fun, ending the year on a high note.