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My secret project


I got a new iPhone and now I can post from my phone. Yay!!!

So…. I have not mentioned my new projects. For the last couple of months I have been self teaching myself how to build armor out of foam. It’s a lot harder than what I expected and I am slowly running out time but I still want to get the most done as possible. Here’s my progress:














I have started foam work but I still have legs and arms to do. Super stressed about it because the convention is October 19. Ugh….

K bye


Happy 2014!!!!


Its been a very long time since I’ve posted. So much has happened…….. meaning nothing has happened. One thing I can say is that I’ve gone to church more and I’m putting as much as possible into being closer to God. Myblog will be Godly and nerdy and all about whatever I want. I’m not here to argue about God or tell you (whoever is reading) that you’re living wrong. Blah blah. Truthfully, I received the best advice that I’m gonna share with you. An old friend told me: You do you, I’ll do me. So let’s keep an open mind in this 2014, that not all Christians are as judgemental as you think. Mom

Anyway, let’s talk singles night! Whovian singles night that is. Its 4 days until the night and for the first time EVER I going to a Doctor Who event without my mother. I’m going with a new friend who loves nerdy things who’s incredibly sweet. She’s really nice which is incredibly rare and I’m looking forward to learning more about her in an antiparent environment. On one hand I’m excited but I’m also afraid that I’m gonna freeze. Last year, I went to singles night and was under my mother the entire time. Which meant no one flirted, i wasnt able to chat with Alice Malice, whom im a big fan of. It was disasterous. Time Lord Fest was a lot better. I met two guys who hung with us the entire time. Unfortunately, mom didn’t tell me that the one liked me which sucked because I thought he was brilliant. I also feel like I have to censor myself so this year, I’m bringing the sexy nerd out. I wore a very conservative dress last year with a Tardis jacket. This year, its Tardis jacket plus bowtie and more breasts….. let me just show you..


I had to repaint my shoes but they look 100 times better. I also hand made a fez! I burned the crap out of my hand but its done. I’m happy with it. Also, im painting my face with a cool design based on a recent Who episode. And I’m writing Gallifrey all over my jacket to make it look better and I’m hoping no one will notice I wore it last time. Lol I’ll post more pics of the event later and of my finished jacket. Happy Tuesday! I got church tonight. 😀