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Wednesday: encouraging letters to friends


I have so much to say and so little time. I’ve got all my homework due and yet, here I am, not doing it. Anyway, here is how my week has gone…

My special friend is here!

Shes an incredible girl that I am just gonna call Samantha. She’s slept over the last two nights and went to church with me which I really appreciate. It looked like she really enjoyed it and met a lot of people. Ill have more to say about her in another post but….. I wrote encouraging letters to two of my friends. Basically, I had a birthday getaway and I was not expecting anyone to come at all. Well My female friend and my male friend came. I really was not expecting it at all. EM was promising she would come and she came. She was probably the only one I would think would try to make it, if she wasn’t busy. So, she came and she told me that a guy I had barely made friends with was coming. It was the best day ever because we swam for a while and then sat in the rented beach chairs for a couple hours. After that we went to get coffee and talked for a while, thought about getting matching henna tattoos and then went home. It was the best birthday since I was 8 that involved anyone that was not family.

Today I wrote them both encouraging thank you cards with bible verses on the front. I made multiple drafts of the perfect things to say to them. and I just put the cards with their things and left. I have this issue with doing nice things. Like, when it’s a female, i feel like they will think I am weird and trying to buy their love/friendship. With guys, they think it is me hitting on them. It’s never what they think. I just feel like showing love to people that make my days a little brighter. I don’t have siblings and if i did, I would want them to be my sister and brother.

Anyway, back to the story. I was walking with Samantha around church looking for a girl who came alone. We wanted to make sure that she was not left alone outside while waiting for her parents. So we were walking and (A-R is what i’ll call him) came up and I literally died inside. He said that he read my note and he really appreciated it. Then he gave me a hug. And I told him to have a nice night. Literally, I think my brain froze. I was mostly embarrassed since it was all happening in front of Samantha. I barely remember what I said but he gave me hug. He never speaks to me! Let alone, gives me a hug. One day, he gave me a high five and it was the most awkward high five ive ever received.

I just felt the need to encourage them. A-R because he is young and going off to school and one day he is gonna feel like no one cares about him. Or he will feel lonely, and I want him to at least feel like he can look at that card, read the words, and be reminded that people at Van Dyke actually care about him and all he had to do is reach out to them.

I also wanted to send EM a letter because she does a lot and I know what she looks like when she get overwhelmed. So I wanted to give her words to read when she is feeling stressed or down.

I love them like family and I am glad they enjoyed their cards.

Idk. I just felt like talking about them. I love making my friends feel loved. is that wrong? lol